Rural geographies in Transition

With great regret the Local Organising Committee has decided to postpone the Rural Geographies in Transition Conference to next year. The conference will be held on exactly the same dates (22-24 June), but now in 2021.

Rural areas in Europe are under increasing and intersecting pressures, but many of these areas seem to be resilient. The landscapes, the actors, the uses, the challenges, and the way in which the rural is produced and reproduced, they are all changing rapidly. This brings forward new research questions and new answers. From 22-24 June the 3rd Rural Geographies conference takes place in Groningen.

The focus of the Groningen conference is “Rural Geographies in Transition”. Within this focus the following guiding themes are identified: Population developments; Governance and policies; Quality of life; Landscape transitions ; Agricultural transformations; Socio-spatial Inequalities; Economic challenges; Smart villages; Rural entrepreneurship; Rural Housing.

The conference offers space for a special session on the geographical aspects of the transition towards Nature Inclusive Agriculture. Papers on this topic are highly appreciated!

More information is available on the website:

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