Do you want to discuss and brainstorm about how to achieve social impact through food policies and initiatives…?

…try the RE-ADJUSTool that is launched in January 2022!

By playing the RE-ADJUSTool you will jointly discover what it takes to create a more equitable, inclusive and fair food system in your city. The RE-ADJUSTool enables policy makers, stakeholders and citizens to talk about and operationalise social justice within an urban food governance context. Download the freely available DIY (do-it-yourself) version of the RE-ADJUSTool on the RECOMS website. It is available in English and Dutch.

Municipalities, food initiatives and food partnerships can use the RE-ADJUSTool for two purposes: To review and enhance their city’s current food policy objectives and measures in terms of social justice (evaluation), or to exchange and operationalise ideas about what social food initiatives and policy actions are needed in their city in the future (brainstorm). Through answering a set of questions about and scoring the twelve aspects outlined below, the participants around the table will get to know each other and draw up a reflexive, holistic and action-oriented summary together.

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