Planning with Nature: What if nature takes a seat at the table?

Cor Busier’s Stakeholder Meeting Planners are used to procedures where human stakeholders can voice their opinions and concerns, but non-human stakeholders are seldom considered. For the course ‘Critical Approaches to Global Sustainability Challenges’ (University of Groningen), we made a video that aims to draw attention to the non-human stakeholders that are affected by a planner’s […]

Warning of scientists for climate-induced societal disruption

More than 500 scientists and scholars from over 30 countries, including myself, signed a letter published in The Guardian and Le Monde in December 2020. In this letter we warn for societal disruption & collapse due to climate change. A video of some of the signatories reading the letter to camera was also released through […]

Voices of the future

Lummina Horlings Anyone who reads the news these days will recognize that climate change is anything but fiction. Real stories of risk, danger, and loss are conveyed to us daily, whether in relation to wildfires, floods, droughts, heatwaves, glacial melting, rising waters, coral bleaching, species losses, or any other type of ecological distress. he story […]

Deep Adaptation in unprecedented times

Lummina Horlings. Welcome to you all – in these strange and unprecedented times. Due to the COVID-19 virus we are facing the challenge to stay together while on on a distance and also keep collaborating. The paper from Jem Bendell about Deep Adaptation published in 2018 can be a source of inspiration in these uncertain […]