We are facing a global climate crisis. Scientists are united on this and we are already witnessing the global socio-spatial consequences. Why then do we lack decisiveness? During an online Climate Summit in 2021 in The Hague, participants drew up an action agenda for climate adaptation (CAS, 2021). Furthermore a “Groningen Science Declaration” was handed […]

Summer School Cultural mapping

A Summer School on cultural mapping will be organised by CES in Caldas da Rainha in Portugal from 21-25 March 2022. See for more information the website. Cultural mapping as a methodology and paradigm holds tremendous power to create conditions for change by bringing communities together in new ways to co-create new knowledge and understanding. […]

AESOP conference this year in Tartu

The  AESOP 2022 Congress  ‘Space for Species: Redefining Spatial Justice’ will take place in Tartu, Estonia on July 25-29, 2022! The PhD Workshop takes place in Narva, Estonia, on July 20-23, 2022. The title is ‘Space for (all) Species: Creative Use of Data to Understand the Role of Planning’. We have announced the 15 main tracks on the website already. Look around to find an […]

Transforming knowledge systems

This blog is a re-use of the text posted by Niko Schäpke and Ioan Fazey: Visions of knowledge systems for life on Earth and how to get there, published in: Integration and Implementation Insights. How should formalized knowledge systems, including universities, research institutes and education, transform to keep pace with wider and inevitable societal transformations […]

Warning of scientists for climate-induced societal disruption

More than 500 scientists and scholars from over 30 countries, including myself, signed a letter published in The Guardian and Le Monde in December 2020. In this letter we warn for societal disruption & collapse due to climate change. A video of some of the signatories reading the letter to camera was also released through […]

RECOMS Winter School “Creating Alternative Urban Imaginaries,” February 1-9 2021 ONLINE

The RECOMS Early Stage Researchers have organized an online Winter School on ‘Creating Alternative Urban Imaginaries. From ideas to practices and back’. During the lectures and workshops of the school participants they explored the dialectical relation between knowledge creation in social sciences, the dissemination of that knowledge, and the ways in which this affects the […]

Healing the Soil of our Democracy

 Stephen Leitheiser, University of Groningen. It’s becoming more and more clear to me that we all have a lot of work to do. Unable to travel home over the past year, I’ve watched from afar as my fellow citizens have become increasingly hurt, divided, scared, and angry. In the midst of what sure seems like […]

New viewpoint article: Planning for Food Commons in the post-COVID world

Stephen Leitheiser, RECOMS fellow. While many were worried about the supplies of toilet paper in the early stages of the pandemic, those of us who had been sounding the alarm on global food system vulnerabilities began to fear that much worse shortages were coming. Early estimates suggested that the number of people around the world […]

Sustainable Europe 2050: The four C’s

Christian Lamker, University of Groningen The turbulent year 2020 makes it hard to be confident about imaginations of the distant future, the future processes that transform places in our cities and regions and the impacts that we will all have on it. More than ever, this pathway is an open exploration with spatial planners – […]

Voices of the future

Lummina Horlings Anyone who reads the news these days will recognize that climate change is anything but fiction. Real stories of risk, danger, and loss are conveyed to us daily, whether in relation to wildfires, floods, droughts, heatwaves, glacial melting, rising waters, coral bleaching, species losses, or any other type of ecological distress. he story […]