On this page, you can find an overview of all the blogs that were posted on the Transforming Places website. Through these blogs, we aim to communicate about the transformation of places and communities, and how people and governments can support this. Would you like to contribute yourself? See About for more information on how to be featured.

Sustainable Europe 2050: The four C’s

Christian Lamker, University of Groningen The turbulent year 2020 makes it hard to be confident about imaginations of the distant future, the future processes that transform places in our cities and regions and the impacts that

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Voices of the future

Lummina Horlings Anyone who reads the news these days will recognize that climate change is anything but fiction. Real stories of risk, danger, and loss are conveyed to us daily, whether in relation to wildfires, floods,

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Deep Adaptation in unprecedented times

Lummina Horlings. Welcome to you all – in these strange and unprecedented times. Due to the COVID-19 virus we are facing the challenge to stay together while on on a distance and also keep collaborating. The

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Rapid changes

A poem by John Doyle Our attachments. All can vanish in an instant. They will vanish from us sooner or later anyway, but abrupt insult is another matter. Outrage and grief become the new reality. Use

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