Planning with Nature: What if nature takes a seat at the table?

Cor Busier’s Stakeholder Meeting Planners are used to procedures where human stakeholders can voice their opinions and concerns, but non-human stakeholders are seldom considered. For the course ‘Critical Approaches to Global Sustainability Challenges’ (University of Groningen), we made a video that aims to draw attention to the non-human stakeholders that are affected by a planner’s […]

Towards a new civic bureaucracy

By: Matthew J. Quinn Why does it often seem so difficult to engage with government bodies about the value of working in places and of co-producing ideas and actions with local communities? This has been something I’ve wrestled with over my career in public service in the UK and, more recently, as part of the […]

Open Acces Book: Co-Creativity and Engaged Scholarship published!

The new book “Co-Creativity and Engaged Scholarship. Transformative Methods in Social Sustainability Research” has now been published online! The book has been editied by Alex Franklin and been published in the context of the EU Marie Curie ITN programs RECOMS. A unique overview of transdisciplinary approaches to researching and communicating community environmental practice Demonstrates how […]